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   Alessandro Beltrame was born in Italy in 1955. He studied to the Academy of Belle Arti of Venice since 1978 at 1981, at first with the Teacher Edmondo Bacci and then with the Teacher Emilio Vedova, and he graduated with the maximum vote.
He began his showing activity with pivate galleries and public Italian institutions (as the "Fondazione Bevilaqua-LaMasa " in Venice and the " Teatro Petruzzelli " in Bari), and at the same time he began the theatrical activity of scenographer and technical manager of important theatrical and dance companies, that he still develops.
He is member of the Pataphysical College "Cymbalum Patafisicum".

At first, his pictorial search addresses to an "experimental metaphysics ", and then it evolves toward the archetypal themes of the alchemy, elaborating in the meantime a technique of veilings and rarefactions of the color, in which the dripping and the frottage cohabit together with the recovery of the classical technical tradition.
At the same time, the practice of the Zen discipline addresses him to the discovery of the "tension of the void", that becomes one of the carryings axes of his pictorial search, together with the study of the atmospheric light.
"The whole arc of the time of work had to develop without pauses and afterthoughts, in a "practice of the color" like the practice of the Zen disciplines : the use of the oil colors diluted with essences of lavender, rosemary, orange tree, it doesn't allow corrections and retouching when the color is dry; the white color is only that of the preparation of cloth, and it appears only for transparency. "

Numerous work are present in some private collections in Italy and USA.